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Casey Neistat Net Worth

Casey Neistat Net Worth (American Youtuber)

Casey Neistat Net Worth Casey was born on March 25th 1981 in Gail’s Ferry Connecticut. From there him and his family settled in the middle-class neighborhood of New London Connecticut. Being a little bit of a troublemaker during his youth getting into trouble both at school and after school causing all sorts of ruckus one time. He even burned down his beloved tree house now in high school shit really hit the fan for KC. His parents announced to him but they were getting divorced. He’d started drinking alcohol as well as smoking weed and he was hanging around with a rough crowd getting into all sorts of brawls on the street. All of a sudden his parents they decided to give him the boot soon after he would drop out of Ledyard High School in the 10th grade.

At the age of 15 for some time he was couch surfing around Connecticut. He later moved to Virginia for some time to be with his brother Ben and he had a roommate by the name of Robin. She soon announced that she was pregnant that Casey is a very loving father. Him and his son Owen have a very special bond but at the time of Owens birth well things were really tough Casey  and Robin they relocated back to Connecticut where they moved into a trailer park. In general estimate we concluded that Casey Neistat Net Worth is 12 millions Dollars.

Casey Neistat Early Life

At the age of 15 his parents they kicked him out of the Connecticut home. From there he would couch surf he ended up living in Virginia for some time. Before he ended up in a trailer park as a teen father on welfare while working as a dishwasher making $8 an hour. Yeah the guy was up shits Creek until he discovered his love for videography. When his girlfriend dumped him he made the move to New York City with little to his name and no education or work experience.According to major sites Casey Neistat Net Worth is 12 millions Dollars.

Casey Neistat Net Worth

Things were grind but the man was down to grind it up. He soon found work he found a place to crash on and eventually things started to pick up. He would spend every spare minute of his time filming and editing videos. Eventually he got a break with his short film and this thing went viral before the days of YouTube things continued to progress forward. He got an HBO show made in his name and then the 2010 he had to change a heart about the traditional media landscape all of a sudden. Casey was going to invest all his time into YouTube and in 2015 things will blow up for him.

He found his love for videography and editing. Now this was back in 1999 and when he wasn’t working at mystic. He would spend all his time recording videos.

Dangerous moments in Casey’s life

The guy has flown in a helicopter over water. He has jumped into a sinkhole out in the Middle East. Casy have been hit by cars. He has climbed mountains where he nearly fell asleep and died on top of them. The guy’s lived a pretty crazy life following 9/11 things started to look up for KC. He and his brother band began working with the artist Tom sash.

Ultimately making a series of films about the artist sculptures and installations in their spare time. The brothers would produce videos anything and everything that people needed. When Casey had additional free time Willie would work on his own projects. He had a huge hit in 2003 with his short film iPods dirty little secret revealing to the world the impossibility of replacing a dead iPod battery. In mid of 2018 Casey Neistat Net Worth is 12 millions Dollars.

Casey Neistat Net Worth

How rich is Casey well Casey  is worth more than 20 million dollars and that was after he sold his app to CNN for 25 million. You might remember Casey for his extremely entertaining YouTube videos. All the time he became a local celebrity after he exposed the ipod battery born and raised in Connecticut. Casey spent much of his time in a lower middle class community growing up. He always found trouble most of it was at school.

Casey Neistat attended lead yard high but in grade 10 decided to drop out during the same year. Casey took up a job as a dishwasher making $8 an hour at the age of 17. He became a father which turned into a life-changing moment for him three years later. While things were uncertain Casey Neistat moved to New York to become a filmmaker. Initially working as a bike messenger in the city trying to save as much as he could.

Casey eventually bought an iMac computer along with a camera during the early 2000s. He started working for an artist by the name of Tom sacks and made films about his creations for $10 an hour. Keeping his nose to the grindstone Casey’s small job turned into a managerial position in 2003. At the age of 22 he bought an iPod and 18 months later. The battery was completely dead angry by the lack of support from Apple Casey. Casey Neistat Net Worth is 12 millions Dollars.

Casey Neistat Net Worth By Years

As you have read about Casey Neistat Net Worth. Here we will tell you about Casey Neistat Net Worth years by years

2011….   5.2 millions Dollars

2012….   6 millions Dollars

2013….   7.2 millions Dollars

2014….   8.4 millions Dollars

2015….   9 millions Dollars

2016….   10.5 millions Dollars

2017….   11.2 millions Dollars

2018….   12 millions Dollars

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