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G Eazy Net Worth

G Eazy Net Worth (American Rapper – Record Producer)

G Eazy Net Worth Gerald Earle Gilliam in Oakland California on May 24th 1989 to Ukrainian American parents. When he was in the first grade him and his mother Susan Armstead moved in with his grandparents at Berkeley California. They later moved to North Oakland. But due to Gerald’s desire to stay near his friends he would commute back to Berkeley to school. When he was young his parents separated. That’s when his mother got into it lesbian relationship with another woman named Melissa.

G Eazy Net Worth

Originally young Gerald will he wasn’t a fan of this eventually. He grew to accept it then one day he found Melissa dead in the basement from an overdose.Through high school Gerald had to earn his way and worked at fast-food chain. He topped off his mother and artists turn. Teacher encouraged his passion for music and introduced him to old classics like The Beatles following school generic.

G Easy Early Life

G Eazy Net Worth His boys well they weren’t all going to his house and brush up to his bedroom where he had a mic in a computer. There they would record their freestyles always trying to one-up one another. They also posted this music to myspace . He smoked weed for the first time at the age of 12 or 13 and got drunk with a bunch of college kids for the first time. When he was in the eighth grade that night he barked all over the room. He lost his virginity while he was in his teens with a girl at a park late at night on a slide. G Eazy Net Worth is around 12 Millions Dollars in mid of 2018.

Yeah I know what you’re thinking where do I find this stuff. When it came time for higher learning we decided to follow his passion and enrolled at Loyola University located out in New Orleans. They reworked endlessly in his dorm on his music to drop his solo debut the epidemic in 2009. Then he found success on his own MySpace page with the track candy girl as well as waspey. He put together an album cover as well as burning his own CDs and we go around handing out this mixtape from five bucks on a good day.

G Easy Efforts For Career

He would sell 20 copies on a bad day. He tell to the industry liked what they heard from this up-and-coming student and he got a gig as an opening act touring with Drake. G Easy also had a meeting with RCA Records who flew him up to Los Angeles but soon after they cut contact with him he was left to find his own way back to school.  The silver lining to this story well his prof was gonna flunk him.

If he didn’t show up soon now following this he went through a time of reflection decided to shed his generic rapper image with baggy pants and a fitted cap for the late 50s look he’s done for today. At this time he sold most of his earthly possessions including 20 pairs of sneakers all on eBay and he was left with a few bits of clothing all black and his computer. G Eazy Net Worth is around 12 Millions Dollars.

G Eazy Net Worth

G Eazy Net Worth  In August the 2011 G Eazy released the mixtape the endless summer via his official site the mixtape sampled from a number of other songs. Most notably an updated version of the track 1961 us number one hit song run around soo hot break in 2012. He released his second LP must be nice and then he hit the road with Hoodie Allen and joined the Vans Warped Tour following that. G Easy hooked up a little Wayne hooked up with T I hooked up with 2 Chainz. He was on the 40 dates America’s Most Wanted Music Festival tour all over the country. The guy had made it and he did all this well without having anywhere to stay. According to various site informations we concluded that G Eazy Net Worth is around 12 Millions Dollars.

He was crashing on couches he was recording all over the place wherever he could and basically hanging on by the skin of his teeth. But good for him the guy pulled through and now he’s the talk of the town. According to rough estimate G Eazy Net Worth is around 12 Millions Dollars.

G Easy Key Facts

  • Gerald Gilliam he’s a crane descent his mother moved to a crane into Oakland California and later Gez moved to New Orleans to go to college and pursue key dreams of being a rapper.
  • GED style and fashion was inspired by singer Johnny Cash. He said that he is constantly on the road so he needs to wear all black. G Easy said I always thought he was just cool just being a rebel dressing in all black and not wearing and one thing to always conform so that’s that’s really cool of him.
  • He weren’t stood with Drake but he was forced to come home by his cool teacher. GD said I had to negotiate with my teachers on how to miss about two weeks of classes. How to be able to just send in my homework and try to stay on top of everything. While I was on the road but then one of them told me if I miss another class that I will fail. So we had to pay we have to play the show then drive straight back to New Orleans to get back to that stupid class so that’s pretty much insane.
  • Now here is the thing where I really admire Jeezy and his dedication from start to finish and that is that he sold most of his belongings to fund his rap career which is unreal. He sold everything in order to pursue his dreams and to achieve his dreams.
  • He got his break when he released his first mixtape actually not his first mixtape the endless summer in 2011. Which earned him with the chance to go on tour with Drake and Lil Wayne. Album organized completely independently without no production on the side and earned the number three spot on the iTunes Kippur chart. G Eazy Net Worth is around 12 Millions Dollars.

G Eazy Net Worth By Years

As you have already read about G Eazy Net Worth  along with his life story. Here you will get informations about G Eazy Net Worth years by years.

2009…                             1 millions Dollars

2010…                              2 millions Dollars

2011….                             4 millions Dollars

2012….                             5 millions Dollars

2013….                             6 millions Dollars

2014….                             7 millions Dollars

2015….                             9 millions Dollars

2016….                             10 millions Dollars

2017….                             11 millions Dollars

2018….                             12 millions Dollars


Young Gerald he grew up the only child to a school teaching lesbian mother who didn’t mind smoking a J from time to time herself. She also has in mind her young son dressing in baggy clothing and having all his friends over after school. So they could rap at his bedroom. G Eazy took his passion for music to Loyola University enrolled in music industry studies taking classes of production business and marketing.

When he wasn’t in class he was recording his own mixtapes and posting to myspace. He found success early on and he got to be an opening act touring with Drake. He also got flown out to LA by RCA Records. But then they changed their mind. They left him stranded there with him have to find his own way back to school. In mid of 2018 G Eazy Net Worth is around 12 Millions Dollars.

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