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Grant Cardone Net Worth

Grant Cardone Net Worth (American Actor – Author)

Grant Cardone Net Worth Grant Cardone was a middle-class guy that came from nothing. I had a mount of passion for helping people. He spent the last 30 years of his life dedicated to that trying to figure his own way out he was brought up by a mom and dad both Italian immigrants. They both lived through the Great Depression. He never saw his dad growing up on 105 know and the youngest of five. Grant never saw his dad during the day during the week he’d get up. He was at work by 7:00. Cardone didn’t come home till 6:00. Grant Cardone Net Worth is around 566 Millions Dollars in the mid of 2018.

Grant Cardone Father

He has got five kids and he remember his dad coming home he was on a little Street in Lake Charles Louisiana called 10-story little white brick house. That they were proud of and he remember his dad coming home his mom telling him leave your dad alone. He was was 6, 7 years old the reality is he really never knew his dad and his dad was trying to get into the middle class this was 50 years ago 60 years ago. Hewas trying to get into the middle class.

Grant Cardone Net Worth

Because for him both he and his mother were basically from the Great Depression era. It was a place to get to my dad started a company when he was 40 years old two years before I was born. He went he lost that company to partners here he’s got five kids. Grant has got to reinvent himself. He has many times having to reinvent himself here’s. His dad 42 years old just lost his business lost his dream wanted to get rich had the dream like so many of us. He lost his company his partner stole it from him finds out.In the mid of 2018 Grant Cardone Net Worth is around 566 Millions Dollars.

Grant Cardone Mother

 He was watching his mom make decisions like I’m not going to even date another man.His mom didn’t date anyone. She never dated another man because she had a stepmother and was concerned that a stepfather for them. Because it was bad for her would be bad for them so she literally said my mom and my dad both sacrificed so much for us and that’s what we’re going to do.He remember his mom making was selling his father’s dream home.

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Because she couldn’t keep it up. She had to make some really hard decisions. He went to his mom when he was 16 years old. She made breakfast lunch dinner every day.He was fired from a clothing company a furniture store and offshore voting  the year he graduated from college. He  was almost killed at the age of 23 by some very bad people. He got mixed up with that 70 stitches put in his head and faced with the back of a 45 caliber pistol. Grant Cardone Net Worth is around 566 Millions Dollars.

When his mom came to visit him in the hospital she couldn’t recognize him it was at 23 years old in the hospital. On the second day that he made a decision to change his life it was that day that he hit bottom it was that day he quit all the stuff all the drugs the alcohol everything that was killing him. It was that day he decided success is not an option. He have to have it. He got to turn himself around. It’s all about him.

Grant Cardone Net Worth Making Moment

He decided to change the economy maybe you can relate the economy didn’t participate there was 24% unemployment the only job you could get was with a refinery. Grant had to basically take a job. He didn’t want with a college degree. He had to go into car sales. His uncle came to him and said hey once you get in car sales and I’m like III thought. Cardone was going to puke when he suggested this to him. He was like are you kidding me I got an accounting degree man I’m an intelligent guy I’m cleaned up now car sales.

He did not want to be in the car business. Because people don’t respect you.When he told them he might go do this they laughed at him but he couldn’t get a job. So he became a car salesman. He decided that he was going to learn everything he could about selling cars. Because it was time to pick himself up it wasn’t time for him to be selective.

Grant Cardone Net Worth

He decided to become the best salesman in his city his state and in the country. He spent the next two years  to learn everything he could about selling cars. He was more aggressive than the guy that owned the place within two years. Grant reached the top 1% of all car salesmen in the country and then decided to branch out and make a business of that. According to various sites Grant Cardone Net Worth is around 566 Millions Dollars.

Grant Cardone Net Worth By years

As we have discussed about Grant Cardone Net Worth along with his life story. Here we will discuss about Grant Cardone Net Worth by years.

2011….                 325 Millions Dollars

2012….                 360 Millions Dollars

2013….                 401 Millions Dollars

2014….                430 Millions Dollars

2015….                480 Millions Dollars

2016….                500 Millions Dollars

2017….               520 Millions Dollars

2018….               566 Millions Dollars

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