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John Madden Net Worth

John Madden Net Worth (Footballer)

John Madden Net Worth John Madden was born on 10 April 1936. He is Coach for the NFL and former broadcaster. John has won a super bowl as head coach of American Football NFL Conference and after retiring from the coaching of Football he became a well-known color commentator for NFL.

He was inducted into the pro-Football Hall of Fame in recognition of his career in 2006. John Madden Net worth is $200 million. John was also known for the long-running. He has also written new several books and has served as a commercial pitchman and retailers. He was retired from broadcasting and spends more time with his family on 16 April 2009.

John Madden Early life

Madden was born in Austin to Earl Russell Madden and Mary Margaret. His father worked in auto mechanic, moved the madden family. He was attended middle school at our lady of perpetual help, and then Jefferson high school and he was graduated in 1954. On 26 December 1959 madden married Virginia Fields.

He has the father of two sons. His son’s name is Joseph and Michael. Joe was playing football and Mike attended at Brown University and joined Harvard University where the receiver on the football team. John Madden Net worth is $200 million.

John Madden Net Worth

John Madden Biography

Born April 10, 1936, in Austin, Minnesota, USA
Birth Name John Earl Madden
Height 6, 4 m
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Birthplace Austin
Age 82
Birth sign Aries

John Madden Playing Career

Madden is football star in high school, he was playing college football 0at Gray Harbor and Washington where he played both offense and defense. John Madden Net worth is $200 million. In 1958 he was drafted in the 21st round by the NFL Philadelphia Eagles but he was an injury in training camp a year later ended.

He was recounted how he became involved with the best coaching. He was said I got hurt in my rookie year with the Philadelphia Eagles and he said I was rehabbing Norm van Brocklin would be watching films and would explain what was happening. John Madden Net worth is $200 million.

John Madden Net Worth

2010 $114 million
2012 $138 million
2013 $143 million
2014 $150 million
2015 $165 million
2016 $170 million
2017 $189.4 million
2018 $200 million


In 1967 he was hired by Al Davis as linebackers coach for the AFL Oakland Raiders and putting him in the Sid Gillman coaching tree. John Madden Net worth is $200 million. A year later he helped the team reach super bowl that season. He was start head coach John Rauch resigned to take the same position with his friend Buffalo Bills. On February 4, 1969, Madden was named the Raiders.

The raider went 13-1 in the regular season in 1976. He has escaped the first round playoffs with a dramatic and controversial victory. In Raiders history he is still the coach with most wins. He was overall winning percentage including playoff games and continue his coaching. He has won a super bowl and never had a loss. John Madden Net worth is $200 million.

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