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Keanu Reeves Net Worth

Keanu Reeves Net Worth (American Actor – Producer)

Keanu Reeves Net Worth This time we’re going to talk about the guy you often see in those memes the one and only Keanu Reeves. He was born in Beirut Lebanon on the 2nd of September 1964. Keanu was famous for his acting career which began when he appeared in a production of Damn Yankees at just 9 years old.

Throughout his career he’s appeared in numerous blockbusters such as the Bill & Ted franchise Point Break speed and most recently the John wick franchise. His popularity increased after he starred in a science-fiction action series the matrix. Since he started Keano has won everyone’s hearts with his amazing acting skills for which he’s earned great critical acclaim. But he didn’t start as a movie star. Keanu Reeves Net Worth is above 350 Millions Dollars.

Keanu Reeves Net Worth

He’s been active as a musician for over a decade and played bass guitar in a band called dog star of which we will talk about a bit later. He’s known for playing characters which are often trying to save the world for his performance in the films.

He has received many awards including a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But Keano isn’t like any other celebrity you’re familiar with. He doesn’t live in a mansion and he often donates most of his paycheck to people who are less fortunate. But we’ll get into those details in a few seconds now that you know who we’re talking about let’s get to the

Keanu Reeves Early Life

His agent thought his first name was too exotic. When Keano first started his career in Hollywood his agent believed that his first name was too exotic for ordinary people. Because of this he is sometimes credited as Casey Reeves Norman craves or Chuck Spadina. In the beginning of his career he got his name.In mid 2018 Keanu Reeves Net Worth is 353 Millions Dollars.

His father left him when he was just three years old. Keanu was born to an English costume designer Essex and an American man from the state of Hawaii in an unfortunate twist of fate. His father abandoned his family when Keano was just three years old. They kept in touch until he turned six. But the last they saw each other Kiana was 13. During this period his father went to jail for selling heroin at an International Airport.

Keanu Reeves Net Worth

After his parents divorced his mother remarried and Keanu had three stepdads. He and his mother moved around a lot causing him to attend multiple schools and never make any true lasting friendships. Keanu also struggled with dyslexia in school which made learning difficult for him during a five-year period. He went to four high schools including the Etobicoke School for Arts. Where he actually got himself expelled thanks to his rambunctious nature and as he says shooting off his mouth a little too often.

Keanu Reeves Sister Kim

His sister suffered from leukemia Kiana says one of his best friends is his sister Kim. A few years ago she was diagnosed with leukemia and endured a long battle with cancer. Before she eventually won after seeing his sister go through so much pain Kiana now often donates a percentage of his earnings to leukemia research. He even donated 70 percent of his pay from the matrix to the cause. According to some sites Keanu Reeves Net Worth is above 350 Millions Dollars.

He lost his best friend because of drug abuse after a difficult childhood with his father and a lot of setbacks in his personal life. He went to Hollywood where he met a fellow actor named River Phoenix the brother of Joaquin Phoenix. They quickly bonded and became best friends after Reeves acted in parenthood alongside rivers brother their connection became even stronger. When they starred together in the 1993 film My Own Private Idaho. However this happy period didn’t last long for Keano who had to say goodbye to his best friend. After he collapsed and died of drug-related heart failure outside the Viper Room a nightclub in Hollywood.

Keanu Reeves School Life

He dropped out of school to pursue an acting career. After he was expelled from his fourth high school he went to Avondale secondary alternative school which allowed him to still study. While working as an actor however he dropped out to pursue acting full-time and didn’t get his high school diploma. Before dropping out at 16 years old he made his first television debut in a coca-cola commercial. Taking average of all the information regarding Keanu Reeves Net Worth  we can say that Keanu Reeves Net Worth is above 353 Millions Dollars.

He almost became a hockey star thanks to his dyslexia piano didn’t do well in school. But he did excel in sports growing up in Canada. He took a keen interest in ice hockey and even played the position of goalie in fact Keanu was so good his teammates nicknamed him the wall. Some people say he could have had a career playing in the NHL but he chose acting instead others say he suffered an injury ending his hockey dream.

He doesn’t own a mansion. The actor now resides in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles California. However for a long time he preferred to live in rental homes and in hotels back. Then he was a long-term resident of the Chateau Marmont Hotel. But eventually caved and bought his own place in LA in the Hollywood Hills area.

Keanu Reeves Net Worth in Hollywood

Keanu Reeves Net Worth is above 350 Millions Dollars. He earned 10 million dollars up front for the first matrix film at this point in his career. Keanu was already famous which is what landed him the millions upfront. When all was said and done he ended up earning more than 114 million dollars since the film went on to become a huge success. When he negotiated his contract piano actually chose to hand over eighty million dollars to the film’s special effects and makeup staff believing they worked just as hard and deserved extra pay. On top of that the actor gifted each member of the matrix-12 strong stuntman team a harley-davidson motorcycle just because he’s a good guy.

He used to play in a band as I mentioned earlier there was a time in Kiana’s life where he played bass guitar in a band. he was a member of a group called dog star an American alternative rock band active from the mid 1990s to the early 2000s. The band performed in Belgium and in the United Kingdom at some music festivals. They also released an EP and two albums after the band broke up Reeves and the colleague continued to play together in a band called Becky. But due to Keon OHS busy work schedule. He had to drop out of the group.

Keanu Reeves Net Worth By years

Now I think everything is clear about the question that what is  Keanu Reeves Net Worth? We have already mentioned above that  Keanu Reeves Net Worth is above 353 Millions Dollars. But here we will discuss about Keanu Reeves Net Worth years by years.

2010….      312 Millions Dollars

2011….      318 Millions Dollars

2012….      322 Millions Dollars

2013….     327 Millions Dollars

2014….     331 Millions Dollars

2015….     336 Millions Dollars

2016….     339 Millions Dollars

2017….     342 Millions Dollars

2018….    353 Millions Dollars

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