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Kevin Hart Net Worth

Kevin Hart Net Worth (Actor – Comedian)

Kevin Hart Net Worth Kevin Hart  was born in Philadelphia on July 6 1979. His single mother Nancy raised him and his older brother Robert in the city. His father Henry was a crack cocaine addict and usually in jail during Kevin’s childhood. When kevin was coming up money was tight he recalled in an Instagram photo that all he wanted for one birthday was a cake, and will his mom she came through and got one for him also on Christmas. His mom one day got him a big wheel bike. These were big moments in his childhood because well they didn’t have a lot to go around growing up his bedroom. Kevin Hart Net Worth is 135 Millions Dollars.

Well it was in the hallway of the home it was a bunk bed and there were also cockroaches running around dinner was typically canned food to help deal. With these stresses Kevin turned to humor and I’m happy to report that him and his dad today well they are now good buds. The one piece of advice that his dad has given him is not to be a bitch true story. Yeah that’s what he tells him that’s it he would do what he could to make him laugh and he struggled to carry out the punishment when he had him in stitches. Anybody who don’t believe in his movement why.

Kevin Hart Net Worth

More About Kevin Hart

So serious he started to watch all the stand-up comedy, he could get his hands on and looked up comedians JB Smoove Eddie Murphy and Chris Tucker as his idols. At George Washington High School in Northeast Philly Kevin waited for puberty to kick in as his peers at grew up. When he maxed out at 5 foot 4 Lilly decided he wouldn’t bother with the basketball team. Instead he signed up for debate teams and spelling bees. His mother was so persistent to keep her boy occupied from a life on the streets. She insisted that he take up a sport so Kevin got himself on the swim team and competed professionally. Throughout his childhood kevin studied at temple university for two years he later moved to New York.

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Kevin Hart Net Worth

American comedian Kevin Hart  net worth is estimated at 135 million. He made he’s 135 million dollar fortune from his works as a comedian and acting. Kevin’s hard work has landed him some of the largest gigs from selling out Madison, Square Gardens to hosting the Bieber roast and starring in movies with wolf arrow and the rock.  His bank balance has enabled the comedian to live a lavish lifestyle. In mid of 2018 Kevin Hart Net Worth is 135 millions Dollars.

Most expensive things owned by Kevin Hart

  • Range Rover Sport Kevin Hart owns a Range Rover Sport. This luxury car features finally furnished interior great embedded technology and active lean software. Its interiors are smooth with great finishes.
  • Leopard print calf skin a tuxedo jacket. Comedian Kevin Hart is known to splurge on flashy clothes. One of his expensive designer clothes is a leopard print calf skin a tuxedo jacket worth a whopping one thousand nine hundred and sixty-five dollars. He wore this jacket when he was hosting a gig at the MTV Video Music Awards.
  • Mercedes Benz SLS American actor Kevin Hart owns a black Mercedes SLS. This sleek machine comes fitted with a v8 6.2 L DOHC see engine. This car has a top speed of 211 point three miles per hour and can accelerate from zero to 60 in four seconds.
  • Mercedes benz g wagon and have a slick machine that is owned by kevin hart is the mercedes-benz g63. This monster is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 7 seconds and as top speed of 132 miles per hour.
  • Ferrari 488 GTB and have a sleep machine that’s owned by comedian Kevin Hart is the Ferrari 488. This car doesn’t come cheap with a purchase price of $250,000.
  • Our demise Pidgeot watch American comedian Kevin Hart owns Anna Marge Pichette watch.
  • Patek Philippe watch another slick watch that is owned by kevin hart is their batik philippe watch. This watch is a favorite among celebrities and is also a status symbol. This watch features stainless steel case set with diamonds diamond hour markers and gold applied Roman numerals.
  • According to major sites like Forbes and Wikipedia Kevin Hart Net Worth is 135 millions Dollars.
  • Richard mill watch another high-end watch that is owned by the comedian is the Richard mill watch. He paid a call a hundred and twenty thousand for this watch.
  • Rolex Daytona Kevin Hart also owns a Rolex Daytona Rolex Daytona vintage is valued at 160,000.

Kevin Hart Net Worth By Years

As we have already discussed about Kevin Hart Net Worth. Here we will discuss about Kevin Hart Net Worth years by years.

Kevin Hart Net Worth in

2009….    105 Millions Dollars

2010….    108 Millions Dollars

2011….    112 Millions Dollars

2012….    116 Millions Dollars

2013….    119 Millions Dollars

2014….    123 Millions Dollars

2015….    126 Millions Dollars

2016….    130 Millions Dollars

2017….    132 Millions Dollars

Similarly Kevin Hart Net Worth in

2018….    135 Millions Dollars

Kevin Hart Net Worth Video

As we provided you latest each and avery information about Kevin Hart Net Worth. However if you want to know more about Kevin Hart Net Worth. You can watch this video of Kevin Hart Net Worth.

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