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Kevin O’Leary Net Worth

Kevin O’Leary Net Worth (Businessman, Author, and TV Personality)

Kevin O’Leary Net Worth Kevin O’Leary was born on July 9 1954 in Montreal Quebec. His mother lent him 10,000 dollars to start his first business an educational software company called soft key. In 1995 soft key purchased a company called The Learning Company for six hundred and six million dollars and adopted its name. In 1999 Metallica learning company for 4.2 billion dollars Mattel lost 105 million dollars. After the purchase and it became known as one of the most disastrous acquisitions in recent history.

O’Leary cut ties with Mattel soon after in 2008. He started O’Leary funds a mutual fund company that now manages over a billion dollars in assets. Kevin is well known for his participation in the popular show shark tank starring in every season since 2009. He also started a Canadian show called the Dragons Den with a similar concept as shark tank from 2006 to 2014. In January 2017 Kevin entered the race for conservative leadership in Canada drawing some comparisons between him and Donald Trump. Even though he was leading in most polls he dropped out of the race in April 2017.

Things you didn’t know about kevin O’Leary

He refuses to purchase Starbucks coffee in O’Leary’s book cold hard truth on men women and money. He speaks of the concept of ghost money. Which he describes as dead money that is wasted on stupid things that has been invested.

He closes every big deal at the same table with the same pen. Kevin says there is a table in the back corner of the Taj Hotel in Boston formerly the Rhodes. Where every deal that’s been important to him has been done any time he’s getting ready to close a big deal he makes sure he’s sitting at the same table. Which he says holds good karma for him. He’s also brought the same pen with him since 1995.

He got his nickname of Mr. wonderful on the first season of shark tank on a season 1 episode. Where Kevin pushed to acquire 51% of a music publishing business. Because he wanted control of the company his co shark Barbara remarked well aren’t you Mr. wonderful. He responded with you know what Barbara I am. The name has stuck with him ever since to the point where he can make Hotel Reservations under the name with no questions asked. According to an estimate Kevin O’Leary Net Worth is 400 Millions Dollars.

Kevin O’Leary Net Worth

He makes 45 cents for every cupcake sold by wicked good cupcakes. One of the best investments Kevin made on shark tank was giving boston-based cupcake company. Wicked good cupcakes $75,000 with $1 of each cupcake going to him until his investment was paid back. The owners paid back the loan in full a mere 74 days later but Kevin continues to rake in the profits at 45 cents a cupcake. This might seem like a lot but the wicked good cupcakes sell for over seven dollars a piece.

Kevin has one of the most valuable wine collections in the world kevin is very passionate about wine. He has his very own line of wine that he sold a record-breaking 40,000 cases of in one day on QVC. He says he and a small group of guys have a secret wine cellar in Cambridge built underground in an undisclosed location. There’s millions of dollars worth of wine in that cellar. They are constantly adding to their collection.In mid of 2018 Kevin O’Leary Net Worth is 400 Millions Dollars.

What Kevin O’Leary Likes

His favorite place to live is Boston he may be a native Canadian but Kevin’s favorite place to live is Boston. He lives in a brownstone home on the prominent Marlborough Street just two blocks away from the Boston Public Garden the 2,300 square foot. Condo is a dream come true for Kevin ever since he first started out in business he wanted to live on that Street. He purchased the condo in 1999 and although he owned residences in Los Angeles Switzerland and in Canada. Kevin says that Boston is his home.

He claims he’s been on every beach on the planet. Kevin has traveled all over the world and he claims that he has been on every beach on the planet. But he says he finds them boring his ideal vacation is visiting Boone France where he has no cell phone or internet service. He likes to walk the streets that were built in medieval times and drink from noon until 2:00 in the morning. Kevin O’Leary Net Worth is 400 Millions Dollars.

Kevin O’Leary Net Worth

He never misses a Patriots game no matter where in the world Kevin is. he always finds a way to watch every Patriots football game. Kevin says it gets complicated at times but no matter if he’s in Europe Asia or Cambodia or if it’s 2:00 a.m. or 4 a.m. she’ll be watching the game.

He had planned on becoming a photographer before his stepfather convinced him to go to business school. He had planned on pursuing a career in photography. But throughout his life he has never abandoned his love of being behind the camera and he launched his first photo exhibit in 2013 entitled kevin o’leary 40 years of photography.

Kevin O’Leary Net Worth By Years

As we have discussed about Kevin O’Leary Net Worth along with his personal life. Here we will discuss about Kevin O’Leary Net Worth years by years

2011….          220        millions Dollars

2012….          230.3     millions Dollars

2013….          234        millions Dollars

2014….          300        millions Dollars

2015….          370.5     millions Dollars

2016….          380.4     millions Dollars

2017….         387         millions Dollars

2018….         400        millions Dollars

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