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Seth MacFarlane Net Worth

Seth MacFarlane Net Worth (Actor, Animator, Producer, Director, and Singer)

Seth MacFarlane Net Worth is over two hundred million dollars. He is acting in recent films such as Logan lucky and creating and starring in the Orville ship looks like crap. Now that’s just 2 years old Seth MacFarlane was already drawing cartoon characters. At 9 years old well he was publishing a weekly comic strip at a local newspaper. So there’s no surprise that when the guy managed to get his own show. It was once again at a remarkably early age what is surprising is how often the show has managed to predict the future.

MacFarlane the creative freedom to pursue his dream of making a prime time sitcom in 1999. When MacFarlane was trying to do this there were only two successful animated sitcoms king of the hill and The Simpsons. After officially leaving Johnny Bravo McFarland at the young age of 25 well he landed his own TV show which happened to be Family Guy.

Seth MacFarlane Early life

His date of birth is  October 26 1973 and place of birth is Kent Connecticut two. Parents Ronald MacFarlane and Anne Perry McFarland’s family have been in the United States for centuries and can actually trace back their lineage to 1600s. Mayflower passenger William Brewster now McFarland‘s middle name Woodbury is actually shared between him and all the men on the mom side of his family. Now according to family legend this is because his great grandmother used to love watching the ethics of a town drunk by the name of Woodbury must have really loved him. According to various sites information Seth MacFarlane Net Worth is 214 Millions Dollars.

Seth MacFarlane Net Worth

At the age of 2 MacFarlane was already demonstrating his skills and talent as an animator and began drawing Fred Flintstone and Woody Woodpecker his pitchers. At age 9 MacFarlane was writing weekly comic strips for his hometown publication. The Kent good times dispatch for 5 bucks a comic not bad money. For a nine-year-old it was for this publication that MacFarlane created his character Walter Cruden. It was his first published work here’s what his mom had to say about a young Seth was. He always a very funny kid yeah yeah he was.

What Seth MacFarlane Likes

MacFarlane lists his favorite band as Queen and his favorite movie as The Sound of Music. Both McFarland’s parents worked at the Kent School which MacFarlane would eventually join and attend and graduate. His parents would have been  leave their jobs at the school because of a problem. The headmaster had with the TV show set was creating.

He was the cartoonist for the school paper and the character in his cartoon is taking communion. The comment underneath said could I have fries with that. Now according to his mom MacFarlane was always a funny kid and looking for some kind of controversy and controversy well it seems to follow Seth everywhere he goes.

MacFarlane would go on to refer to himself as an equal opportunity offender for a guy who started his career at the age of 9. Well Seth MacFarlane got ahead of most of his competition and didn’t stop there. He graduated the kids school. From there he went on to the University of Rhode Island School of Design where he honed his skills in film and animation. In mid of 2018 Seth MacFarlane Net Worth is 214 Millions Dollars.

Seth MacFarlane Net Worth by Characters he performed

MacFarlane took those two characters who went on to make a franchise valued at 1 billion dollars. Now after graduating RISD MacFarlane had different goals. This might surprise you but the guy wanted to work at Disney luckily enough. He went in a different direction with his student film as a calling card. Seth quickly lands a job. He was hired by hanna-barbera which was you know a pretty extraordinary first job.

Disney’s biggest competition at the time was Hanna-Barbera responsible for scooby-doo. They had a creative environment that allowed MacFarlane to learn his comedic craft early on first working on the beloved animated show Dexter’s Laboratory. A ccording to a rough estimate Seth MacFarlane Net Worth is 214 Millions Dollars.

Now not only does MacFarlane write and produce the show he also voices three of the main characters including Brian Peter and Stewie now in 2001 just two years into his family guy career. Well he narrowly avoided the 9/11 terrorist attack missing the plane that would hit the World Trade Center. Because his travel agent screwed up and also he was slightly hungover good old Buddha brewery.

Seth MacFarlane Net Worth

MacFarlane maintained his original goal of not pissing people off and hard to believe he didn’t get cancelled again. In fact MacFarlane is still considered to be one of the most polarizing people in Hollywood. Because he is making money and creating shows like Family Guy based round pop-culture controversies. A general estimate shows that Seth MacFarlane Net Worth is 214 Millions Dollars.

Seth MacFarlane Net Worth By means of family shows

MacFarlane was putting out a new show a controversial alternative to Family Guy called American Dad on top of writing and producing for America dad. MacFarlane also voiced the title character Stan Smith his resident alien Roger and their neighbor Greg despite the obvious similarities between Family Guy and American Dad well again it was another home run. Seth MacFarlane Net Worth is 214 Millions Dollars.

McFarland’s third animated show well it went in a different direction. One of the more unknown facts with Seth MacFarlane is that he actually has a flourishing lounge singing career for those of you who are unfamiliar with lounge singing.  Frank Sinatra became famous for it looks like with this his lounge singing career McFarland’s been nominated for four Grammys. Adding to the two Grammy nominations four songs featured a family guy despite not currently dating anyone. McFarland has quite the impressive roster of ex-girlfriend’s having dated actresses from Amanda Bynes to Emilia Clarke. He’s now dating his Orval co-star Halston sage there really isn’t much this guy can’t do that’s the rest story.

Seth MacFarlane Net Worth Video

Want to know more about Seth MacFarlane Net Worth ?? OK watch this video. It will provide you more details about Seth MacFarlane Net Worth.
As you have studied about Seth MacFarlane along with  Seth MacFarlane Net Worth . Now we shall discuss Seth MacFarlane Net Worth by years by years.

2009….                                164 Millions Dollars

2010….                               173 Millions Dollars

2011….                               176 Millions Dollars

2012….                               182 Millions Dollars

2013….                                191 Millions Dollars

2014….                                197 Millions Dollars

2015….                                201 Millions Dollars

2016….                                206 Millions Dollars

2017….                                210 Millions Dollars

2018….                                214 Millions Dollars

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