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Tom Cruise Net Worth

Tom Cruise Net Worth (American Actor and Producer)

Tom Cruise Net worth  Tom Cruise  the most famous and one of the highest paid actor of  Hollywood is not so good in education. He is High School (Drop Out). He worked in more than 20 Hollywood filims and most of them are super hit. By nationality he is American.

Current Tom Cruise Net worth

Tom Cruise net worth stands at 518 million dollars during the time of writing. This actor in 2012 emerged as the highest earning Hollywood star in 2012. Ever since he has been among the top 10 highest paid actors in the world today. Tom Cruise net worth of 550 million dollars as a result of his high grossing films which adds up to more than nine billion dollars in total. Some of the films that have contributed to his net worth are movies such as Mission Impossible which has made over 700 million dollars in the mummy among others. Due to his family’s frequent migration Tom studied in almost 15 deviating schools in Canada and U.S.

Tom Cruise Marriage

Tom did three marriages first in 1987 with Mimi Rogers who was an actress he separated with her 1990.Tom Cruise Net Worth

Later he married with Australian actress Nicole Kidman in the same year i.e 1990. They both thought they had good mutual understanding and attraction for each other. He and his wife adopted two kids namely Connor Antony and Isabella.But unfortunately he divorced her wife in 2001.

Now his third marriage took place in near past with Katie Holmes in May 2009. They have a daughter named Zuri. Currently both husband and wife are not living together nor there is divorced among them.

Tom Cruise Net Worth


Tom Cruise Early Life

After deciding that he will become actor in future and will choose acting as his profession Tom proceeded to New York. Tom moiled with a prominent director in 1983 where he featured in a film entitled Francis Ford Coppola as the outsiders. Although the big-budget delusion film performed poorly at the box office in 1986. Tom agitated to acclimation with hit films including Top Gun which featured stars such as Anthony Edwards meg Ryan and Kelly Mc Gillis.


Among others his star turns in the Mission Impossible film and Jerry Maguire led him to be recognized for his excellent acting profession. Mission Impossible 2 was launched in 2000 where it was portrayed with a can go after being supervised by John Woo a director from Hong Kong. The film became a success it earned over five hundred and forty seven million dollars globally and emerged the third top most paid cinema of the year. A rough estimate shows that Tom Cruise Net worth is about 550 Millions Dollars.Tom Cruise Net Worth

Tom Cruise Awards

Being most famous, professional most charming and shining actor of Hollywood he won various Awards which includes

The Saturn Award (As  Best Actor for the Film Vanilla)

Sky Humanitarian Award (From the Simon Wiesenthal Center)

Empire Award (As best actor For Minority Report)

The People’s Choice Award (For Popular Male Movie Lead)

MTV Generation Award

Affa Movie of the Year Award (For the Last Samurai)

 Tom Cruise Recent Movies

His recent movies include

The Last Samurai 2003

Lions for Lambs 2007

Leigh Grossman 2008

Night and Day 2010

Edge of Tomorrow 2014

American Made 2017

and in this year he featured in a horror movie entitled “The Mummy”.The film which was launched in 2017. It is the second episode in the Universal Studios monsters Cinematic .

As a producer he worked for several debut movies such as Vanilla Sky and Mission Impossible.

Tom Cruise Net worth By Means of Movies

American actor and a multi-millionaire film producer Tom Cruise net worth is estimated at 5500 million dollars. Cruise net worth is different according to different sources and sites.Some of his successful movies include Top Gun cocktail and Rain Man in which he earned big bucks he earned 227 million dollars from starring in the.

Tom Cruise Net worth By Means of House

He purchased this estate for a steep price of 30 million dollars. This 13,000 square feet house features 9 comfy bedrooms large living room. It has a spacious kitchen with granite tops. The exterior of the house has a swimming pool and a tennis court. The property features sweeping views of the surrounding foliage and mountains. The house is additional three bedrooms and three bathrooms Gulf Stream 4 ft. He has a passion for expensive Jets.  Tom Cruise Net worth is about 550 Millions Dollars according to some fresh data.

Tom Cruise Net worth By Means of Aircraft

He loves to fly in comfort and style the Gulfstream 4 e/g for is a high-altitude high-speed twin turbofan jet aircraft.  It contains theater lighting and electronically controlled window shades.

Tom Cruise owns a luxurious airplane Aviat fits us to be. He spent four million dollars on this fighter jet. He often gives his friends rides on his Mustang fighter Porsche 911. Tom Cruise is a proud owner of Porsche 911 a luxury two-door sports coupe It has a distinctive design rear engined and with independent rear suspension. This sleek machine coasted him $105,000 the car has very spacious interiors.

Tom Cruise Net worth By Means of Cars

Car that Tom Cruise owns is the Bugatti rod. This sleek machine is one of the most expensive and fast sports cars in the world. The bold and powerful vehicle is a renowned status symbol among celebrities. Tom Cruise splashed 1.5 million dollars for this sleek machine bremond watches. Tom Cruise loves classy and trendy watches and chooses his timepieces with care. He has bremond watch which is one of the ingenious stylish watches famous among celebrities and costs thousands of dollars bremond watches.

Tom Cruise Net worth By Means of Clothes Brand

Tom Cruise is known for wearing designer clothes that are trendy and very expensive. Cruise owns a red Chevy Chevelle SS and he takes it out. For a spin to cherish driving the way it was meant to be. Tom Cruise owns and drives a Mercedes Benz CLK the cars stylish looks and an elegant appeal might have been the reason for the movie producer. Mercedes Benz CLK has a stylish design sharp handling and a powerful engine. This car incorporates a telescopic steering wheel automatic climate control and nine speakers along with a CD audio system. You want to know more about Tom Cruise Net Worth??? Ok watch this video

Tom Cruise Net worth By years

As we have already discussed in details about Tom Cruise Net worth. But here we will discuss about Tom Cruise Net worth years by years. According to the fresh details Tom Cruise Net worth is about 550 Millions Dollars.

2010….           270 Millions Dollars

2011….           280 Millions Dollars

2012….           290 Millions Dollars

2013….           320 Millions Dollars

2014….           350 Millions Dollars

2015….           380 Millions Dollars

2016….           395 Millions Dollars

2017….           420 Millions Dollars

2018….           550 Millions Dollars

Tom Cruise Movies and their net worth by Years

YEAR             MOVIE NAME                                               NET WORTH

1981….          Taps                                                               50K USD

1983….          Risky Business                                             75K USD

1985….          Legend                                                         500K USD

1986….          Top Gun, The Color of Money                 2 Millions USD, 1 Million USD

1988…            Rain Man, Cocktail                                   3 Millions USD from both

1990….           Days of Thunder                                      9 Millions USD

1992….           Far and Away, A Few Good Men          13 Millions USD, 12 Millions USD

1994….          Interview With The Vampire                  15 Millions USD

1996….          Jerry Maguire, Mission: Impossible       20 Millions USD, 70 Millions USD

2000….          Mission: Impossible II                              75 Millions USD

2001….         Vanilla Sky                                                  20 Millions USD

2011….         Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol      12 Millions USD

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